Video: Face mangled and teeth missing, BKFC fighter Melanie Shah loves this sh*t

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Those of us who have watched combat sports and particularly bareknuckle boxing know there's a level of inherent damage and violence when it comes to the fights we love.

Often desensitized to the frequent broken orbitals, concussions, busted noses, and occasionally broken limbs, every once in a while fight-related injury crosses over the “carnage” line and wakes me up for a minute.

Melanie Shah's face after her BKFC 51 loss Friday to Britain Hart can be added to that exclusive list of savagery.

I mean, just check out a clip from her post-fight interview with Bare Knuckle News.

Ho-lee sheet.

Bareknuckle boxing's superficial damage is something that stuck out from the start. If you're gonna take the gloves off, you're likely going to get sliced. In its short time being sanctioned here in the U.S., we've certainly seen some blood baths. I mean, just check this sh*t out. Yes, I'm looking at you, Jason Knight and Artem Lobov.

Anyway, this one really jumps out to me as perhaps the craziest amount of post-fight facial damage I can remember. Perhaps it's because we don't often hear from defeated fighters 20 minutes after they sustain such damage.

What makes this interview even more eye-catching to me is Shah's demeanor. Shoutout to her. It's just another day in the office.

“Even though I don't look like it, I enjoyed the whole process and enjoyed being in the ring and challenging myself,” Shah said.

She's speaking with the cadence of someone being interviewed on the local news about their thoughts on the grand opening of a new baseball field. It's not like she lost her bottom teeth minutes earlier or anything.

Fighters are a different breed from the rest of athletes – and continuing to watch stuff like this happen, maybe we're a different breed from the rest of sports fans, right?

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