US Integrity and Odds On Compliance form a new partnership.

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US Integrity and Odds On Compliance have joined forces to establish a new joint venture. The purpose of this venture is to provide the sports betting industry with a solution to the problem of betting by prohibited customers

ProhiBet is going to be the first product to come out of the new Secure Sports Solutions (S3) joint venture. Both of the companies involved have stated that it will be the only solution in the sports betting industry that can accommodate prohibited bettors.

An encrypted and decentralized cross-monitoring and notification platform will be made available to the industry as part of the ProhiBet solution. This will enable the industry to monitor compliance with state-by-state regulatory requirements in the United States.

ProhiBet will implement a solution that makes use of the wagering monitoring services provided by US Integrity and the experience in compliance technology provided by Odds On Compliance. The beta version of this solution will be released in the coming months.

According to Matt Holt, chief executive of US Integrity, “We are looking forward to providing a crucial industry resource and partnering with Odds On Compliance to deliver it to market.” Odds On Compliance is a company that specializes in regulatory compliance. “Both this product and the joint venture that it represents complement the USI services that we provide to customers.”

Eric Frank, co-founder and CEO of Odds On Compliance, stated further, “I am proud to announce our joint venture with US Integrity and the ProhiBet solution.” We are able to maintain our position as a market leader in the delivery of the industry’s compliance technology of the future by working in close collaboration with reliable partners such as USI.

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