Stroll in rant at stewards over Qatar penalties: “They don’t understand what F1 is”

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Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll has taken issue with the policing
of track limits during the Qatar Grand Prix. Track limits were
highlighted as an issue ahead of the weekend but the problem was
exacerbated on Saturday as the boundaries through Turns 12 to 14 at
the Lusail International Circuit were redefined due to concerns
over the behaviour of the Pirelli tyres over the ‘pyramid' kerbs.
The circuit was made narrower in that section to stop drivers
mounting the kerbs, but a number of drivers still fell foul of
track limits in both the Sprint and the Grand Prix. Stroll was
handed two five-second time penalties by the chequered flag on
Sunday, with his last punishment dropping him out of the points.
However, Stroll was left unhappy by the stewards' attitude towards
enforcing penalties due to the difficult conditions drivers were
subject to during the race. The Canadian was one of a number of
drivers that were left seeking medical attention at the end of the
57-lap event as intense heat took its toll. Stroll's attack Stroll
revealed after the Grand Prix that he was passing out during the
final 20 laps, whileWilliams' Logan Sargeant was forced to retire
due to feeling so unwell. “It's a joke that they're giving
penalties for this,” he said. “They don't understand what
is these days. “What they're putting us through, we're given these
track limit penalties and they're making the track narrower and
they're saying we can't drive over the kerbs because the tyres are
failing if we do. “The track limit thing is something that just has
to be addressed because we've seen in Austria, we've seen this
weekend, people getting penalties. “It's not like we're gaining an
advantage when we're going off the track by three millimetres, 60
laps of concentration in 65-70 degree temperatures in the car with
five, six and a half Gs. “That's the frustrating part. We hustled
out there, I felt like we drove a good race to finish ninth on the
road and then [dropped to] 11th [outside] the points with two
penalties. “It's a really frustrating result to not get anything
out of it.”

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