Sports Betting University

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Sports Betting University

Sports Betting University

Copy me – One of the winningest sports bettors in history.
Become the expert handicapper you always wanted to be.
Welcome to The Whale's Sports Betting University.

This is the Whale.

The typical sports bettor loses money when betting on sports.

But not me. I didn't just break the mold, I shattered it!

I hand crafted my sports betting journey from scratch into a history that reads like a dynasty out of an epic novel.

Since the 1990's, I have wagered hundreds of millions to billions of dollars on sports, and walked away with over $30 Million dollars in winning profits. My legendary winning streaks cement my status among the pantheon of superstars as one of the biggest and most profitable sports bettors – ever!

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Take a look below at just one of my betting tickets where I was paid out $560,000 in one single bet:

Sports Betting University

Give Me Access >> Sports Betting University

Here's another one of my betting tickets where I won over $154,000 in one wager:

Sports Betting University

First – I'll make this clear: I'm not showing you pictures of my monstrous winnings because I want to bask in the limelight like some beached walrus in the sun. The truth is, it's hard to trust people on the internet. Bad apples are everywhere when you're dealing with sports handicappers whose goal is to make money off selling their picks instead of just betting on them.

Finding a tout that you can really trust on the internet feels about as rare as finding an eel that lets you hold it by the tail. Many of them carry around a list of baggage long enough to wallpaper the whole Playboy Mansion.

Have you ever bought picks from touts before? You know, those wheeler dealers that can talk the bark off a tree. They'd reel you in with all the razzle-dazzle to draw you close, only to smash you with a sucker punch once you've been hooked.

You can't trust these hustlers' picks any more than you can trust one of those flowchart quizzes on the back cover of GQ magazine. Follow the wrong sports handicapper, and POOF – Your bankroll disappears faster than a bag of left cash outside a homeless shelter for Olympic sprinters.

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I know this because I carefully follow how the sports handicapping industry is doing. It really isn't easy to find a sports handicapper you can trust. I keep tabs on how the other touts perform when picking games, and and it's no prettier than a lard bucketful of armpits.

“The Results of Picks from Typical Touts All Over Social Media Looks No Better Than the Breeding Ground for The World's Diseases.”

So let's face it: Proof of success is important in sports betting. I'm showing you proof of my winnings not because I want to stick my neck out there and bask in the glow of attention. I do it because it's important for you to know that I am real, that my success is authentic, and that my winnings are documented.

Here's an actual story printed in the respected Las Vegas Review Journal documenting the tail end of my historic winning run where I took $500 and turned it into $630,000 just hours later:

Sports Betting University

I'm not plastering newspaper articles about me from the past just to poke some ash and stir up the dust of old memories. The truth is, you deserve to know that when you're dealing with me, you're not dealing with some nine-day wonder who can only talk the big game. My historic transformation from common Joe into a cowboyish, bookie-busting, money-printing hot rod is documented.

For 30 years, I've won tens of millions of dollars from betting on sports. My legendary winning streaks were crushing books that were bold enough to take my action, eventually wiping a handful of the private ones off the face of the planet.

In the 1990's, I was the biggest sports bettor in Nevada and possibly all of the United States. In 1995 when I was allowed to bet at maximum limits at the Mirage, I profited around $10 Million dollars – all while their sportsbook directors helplessly watched as millions of their fortunes evaporated into thin air.

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I'd go on to do it again at Pinnacle in the early 2000's, where:

I took $50,000 and Turned It into $4 Million Dollars in 4 Days of Betting on Sports.”

My meteoric rise was the envy of others who lacked the mental muscles and sheer guts to pull it off. These days, the sportsbooks have wisened up, and my betting limits have plunged into a tailspin. No sportsbook in Las Vegas these days would allow me to bet the kind of limits I had back in the 1990's at the Mirage when I was routinely wagering millions of dollars a weekend.

Now, my next great mission is to help you share into my success using the same winning strategies that have made me $30+ Million in winning profits from betting on sports over the years. Plus, you'll also get all of my top picks delivered straight to you every day, along with my detailed analysis.

Give Me Access >> Sports Betting University


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