Sky Racing World and ARC to Commingle US and UK Wagering Pools

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Sky Racing World has signed a new agreement with Arena Racing Company thanks to which it will elevate its portfolio on international horse races. The deal will commingle the US wagering pools with the wagering pools hosted in the UK. 

Advance-Deposit Wagering Will Allow US Players to Gain Access to UK Wagering Pools

Thanks to Advance-Deposit Wagering (ADW), US players will gain access to the UK wagering pools. The deal with Arena Racing Commission also allows bettors from the UK to bet on greyhound races that take place in the US. 

Some of the September venues that will host races include Newcastle, Perry Barr, Sunderland, Nottingham, and Swindon, and US fans will be able to join the wagering pools at all of the events at these venues. 

According to ARC’s director of media technology and production, Mark Kingston, commingling the pools will result in “improved liquidity to the pools” for punters in the UK and the US. He added that the partnership will showcase the company’s high-quality greyhound races to US customers. 

Sky Racing World’s CEO, David Haslett, stated that by commingling the pools, wagering play will be boosted and that will benefit both the UK greyhound racing industry and the handicappers. 

The portfolio of Sky Racing World has grown immensely in the recent period. Not only was Australian greyhound racing integrated in the UK, but the company also merged the US and Argentinian wagering pools back in January 2022. 

Arena Racing Company Announced Two New Bonus Schemes Back in June

In June, ARC announced two new bonus schemes as a way to boost prize money. These bonuses came after numerous complaints and critics over prize money in lower-class races. 

The first new bonus scheme included a winner’s bonus in Class 4, 5 and 6 races of £5,500 ($6,360), £5,000 ($5,700) and £4,000 ($4,600), respectively. These minimum first prizes will be provided without taking race type, age or surface into the equation. 

On the other hand, the second new bonus scheme is a £1 million ($1.2 million) bonus pot for trainers, owners and jockeys, as well as racing staff during the All-Weather Championships season. Horses that finish in the top 5 in all-weather races at racecourses by ARC will win points. 

The more points they gain, the higher their chances will be of winning the “Horse of the Month” and the “Horse of the Year” prizes. The rewards for these two prizes will be £20,000 ($23,000) and £100,000 ($115,000). Monthly rewards in February, March and April will be £40,000 ($46,000). 

Mark Spincer, ARC’s MD, stated that he hopes that the new bonus schemes will bring more competition, especially the £1 million ($1.2 million) bonus. He added that the bonus is likely to increase competition during the winter and thus, ramp up the excitement.

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