Man Risks a Year in Prison for Threatening Senator Rosen

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A Las Vegas man risks prison after threatening US Senator Jacky Rosen amid the fighting in the Middle East. Implying that the Jewish Senator is somehow related to the violence between the Hamas terrorist group and the Israeli state, John Anthony Miller, 43, allegedly promised to “finish what Hitler started.”

Reports from prosecutors say that Miller sent Rosen several voice mails primarily consisting of threats and obscenities. Calling the Senator a “subhuman” and “sellout,” amid many other offensive things, Miller promised that he will “fucking see her soon.”

According to federal prosecutors, Miller’s messages also alleged that the Senator may be responsible for the crisis in Gaza, accusing them of “war crimes.” He also accused the Senator herself of “picking the side of evil” and said that he was going to “exterminate her.”

The voicemails were sent between October 11 and 19. On October 18, Miller also appeared at the federal courthouse on Las Vegas Boulevard, asking to see Senator Rosen. He wasn’t allowed in by the security.

Nevada Takes Such Threats Very Seriously

Miller’s threats were seemingly prompted by the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. The terrorist group recently opened hostilities by attacking Israel and killing and kidnapping hundreds of people. Israel’s retaliation followed, also causing many casualties. The conflict has prompted intense scrutiny of the use of violence against non-combatants.

As ex-president of Nevada’s largest synagogue, co-chair of the Senator’s Bipartisan Task Force for Combating Anti-Semitism and an avid supporter of Israel in the war, Rosen seems to have angered Miller, causing him to threaten her safety.

The FBI, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the US Marshals Service and the US Capitol Police investigated the case. Charged with threatening a federal official, Miller now risks up to a year in prison because of his behavior.

Commenting on the case, Rosen’s office said that it takes threats against public officials very seriously and trusts the authorities to appropriately handle the situation. Miller’s attorney, Ben Nemec, has refused to comment so far.

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