Gasly: I can see why Alpine were P4 in the Championship

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Pierre Gasly was complimentary about the Alpine car and believed he could tell how the performance of the A522 was superior to his AlphaTauri 2022 car. For 2023, Gasly will make the switch from AlphaTauri to Alpine, the team which finished P4 in the Constructors’ Championship. The Frenchmen said he “understands” why Alpine finished as the best of the ‘midfield’ runners in 2022 and believed that he could spot the ‘strengths’ of the A522. “I’ve done only a day in Abu Dhabi, but I can definitely spot some very good strengths in this car, and the potential that it has,” Gasly told media, including . “They finished fourth the championship for a reason, and now I understand this reason, not just from the package but with how the team operates. “The engineers in the team, the mindset, and the philosophy that there is in the team, so far I’ve been very pleased with these first interactions with the guys.” Gasly pinpoints main area that has impressed him Gasly believes the Alpine has much better front grip compared to the AlphaTauri, and noted that the tyres tested with Pirelli offered similar “feeling” compared to the whole season. “I think they got a pretty strong front grip, good feeling in low-speed corners which was something I’ve been trying to work on this season,” he said. “It’s always a question mark just because I’ve done the whole day with these new tyres. “From what we heard it’s not a big difference and also from my feeling it doesn’t feel like the tyre behaves in a very different way than what we have had all season. “So obviously there’s always this question mark, but overall this car has been giving me what I want. “There are obviously areas to improve and room for improvements. But the car, I wasn’t surprised because I knew it would be a fast car, but you can definitely feel it.”

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