FIA makes tweak to F1 ‘testing’ rules

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The FIA has moved to tweak its Sporting Regulations regarding
testing ahead of the new season. Teams are permitted ‘Promotional
Event' runs – or as they are more commonly referred, filming days –
up to 200km with the intent of the runs in order to create
marketing and commercial material on track. But it has become
increasingly obvious that teams largely use their allotted time
through these PE days to get extra on-track testing – primarily at
a ‘shakedown' ahead of official pre-season testing. Ahead of the
new season, an alteration to the regulations shows that the maximum
total PE distance across a season has been increased from 200km to
400km. The allocation was previously split into two different runs
of 100km each which could both be completed on the same day, but
the redrafting of the regulations permits just 200km running per
day, meaning teams will have to split PE running into two days at

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