Fagioli’s Doctor Believes More People Are Involved in the Betting Scandal

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Italian soccer pro Nicolo Fagioli was recently suspended for betting on sports and breaching Article 24 of the Sporting Justice Code. The Juventus midfielder later claimed that he was introduced to the gambling scheme by Sandro Tonali. In line with Fagioli's reveal, Paolo Jarre, the doctor responsible for the soccer player's gambling treatment, said that there are likely many others involved in the scandal.

Jarre recently discussed Fagioli's gambling addiction with La Gazzetta dello Sport. In addition to saying that the Juventus midfielder's condition is not as bad as it could have been, the doctor suggested that other players likely participated in the scheme too.

Referring to Fagioli as a polite and subdued man, Jarre said that the soccer pro is statistically unlikely to have been the only player to gamble. As the situation continues to unfold, more players are likely to be incriminated and serve suspensions.

Currently, Tonali and Nicolò Zaniolo are also under scrutiny over similar violations.

Fagioli's Career Isn't Over yet

Speaking about Fagioli's case with La Gazzetta, Jarre said that the player was aware that his betting adventure could lead to a long suspension. For reference, the player will be suspended for 12 months but will serve only 7 of them away from the field. The remaining 5 months will see the midfielder make up for his violation in other ways.

Seeking to reassure Fagioli that his career isn't over, Jarre reminded the player about Paolo Rossi, who previously won a World Cup even after committing a betting violation. The doctor also said that the player is quickly recovering and does not feel a strong urge to wager anymore.

While Jarre was mostly positive about Fagioli's case, he pointed out that gambling problems are a real disease and must be treated.

Gambling Was a Pastime Until It Was Not

Fagioli says he started gambling in 2021 after allegedly getting introduced to a site that leaves no trace by Tonali. The former player eventually placed wagers on soccer matches, tennis games and played casino games.

At first, it was a nice pastime but sadly, Fagioli quickly developed an addiction and got into debt. The Italian player revealed that he had even received threats because of some of his debts.

Fagioli concluded that he intends to pay back all of the money he took from friends and companions.

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