Discover More Livespins Streamers to Bet Behind

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Have you tried Livespins yet? If you’re new to it, it’s like Twitch, but for casino streamers. It allows you to tune into your favorite personalities and watch them play their favorite slots. That’s just the start of it, though. Livespins also gives you the chance to engage with the action by betting behind each spin played.

We launched Livespins just months ago with a few streams. Today, the interest in the format has grown so much that we now offer between 20 and 30 streamers at any given time. That’s more personalities, more streams, and more chances to win.

What you need to know about Livespins

You can find Livespins games under the Bet Along tab of the casino. Once there, you will be able to browse the different streamers available.

Some of the streamers will be available right as you’re browsing, while others will be scheduled to stream. The streamers that are scheduled to come on have a countdown clock allowing you to determine exactly when they will be available.

Once you choose a streamer, you will be able to launch the stream and see what game they’re playing. You will also be able to use the chat stream to chat to the streamer or to the other players who are watching. You can use text, emojis, or even gifs.

If you’d like to bet behind the streamer, you can click the spin button. You will then be given the chance to set how much you would like to bet and how many spins you would like to bet behind.

Tournaments and Bonus Hunts

In addition to being able to bet behind, Livespins also regularly holds tournaments that give you a shot at winning some great prizes.

To stand a chance to win, players need to simply place bets on Livespins streams to earn points. The number of points you earn will be determined by the size of the multipliers you win. Non-winning bets will, however, not earn any points.

If you’re one of the players with the most points by the end of the day, you’ll win a share of a cash prize. The cash prizes are generally split between ten or twenty players, with the cash amount awarded being larger the closer to the top of the leaderboard you finish.

Bonus Hunts are something else entirely. Basically, streamers will play slots to unlock bonus features like a round of free spins. Once unlocked, the streamer will move on to the next slot, repeating the process. Once the streamer has accumulated a set number of bonus features, they will play them all at once. This makes for some really exciting viewing.

Any player that bets behind a spin that resulted in a bonus feature being unlocked will then be paid the resulting winning amount.

Ready for action?

Now that you know what you’re doing, why not try betting behind a streamer that you connect with? We have a whole bunch, and there will definitely be someone that you find interesting.

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