Brundle counters Hamilton in FIA controversy debate

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Former driver Martin Brundle has countered 's
complaints over the FIA's processes in disqualifying him from the
United States Grand Prix. The seven-time World Champion had
narrowly missed out on overhauling Max Verstappen for victory at
the Circuit of the Americas when he was thrown out post-race for a
skid block on his Mercedes that had worn past the threshold set out
by the Technical Regulations. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc
suffered the same fate with only four cars tested in this area,
leading to criticism over the procedure as Hamilton suggested
sources had told him non-tested cars had also breached the
regulations. But Brundle has backed the FIA as the fallout
continues at the Mexico City Grand Prix. FIA do a tremendous job “I
see it differently to Lewis, I must say,” Brundle told Sky Sports
F1 . “We know with this current generation of car that closer to
the ground means quite a bit more performance. “I would also like
to say that the FIA do a tremendous job of policing the technical
aspects of F1 and there are reasons, we understand, why they chose
those cars anyway because of data they had seen. “I can't help but
think – because the teams take them off and can impound them,
measure them – we don't know whether the rest of the field was
legal or illegal… I've asked some of the team members and of
course, they all say their car was fine, I asked another team and
they said ‘we weren't sure' which is nonsense because on the build
down, all that is checked. “But if you are a kilo overweight or a
millimetre too wide with your wings, you get thrown out of the
race, that's why those regulations are there and those two cars
were outside the regulations at the end of the Grand Prix.

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