Aston Martin demand Stroll ‘respect’ after garage shove backlash

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Aston Martin Team Principal Mike Krack has played down the
significance of Lance Stroll’s shove on a colleague during the
Qatar Grand Prix weekend. Stroll was left frustrated after failing
to advance past Q1 during Friday’s qualifying session in Qatar –
his fourth Q1 exit in a row. The Canadian driver threw his steering
wheel out of the car in frustration before walking towards the back
of the garage with performance coach Henry Howe. Stroll then
appeared to push Howe, with reports stating that his trainer was
trying to direct him out to the front of the garage to be weighed,
as is compulsory for the drivers after the session. The Canadian
referred to the matter during the weekend and asserted that there
is no bad blood lingering between the duo. Krack’s defence Speaking
to media including, Krack has argued that moments
of frustration are commonplace throughout sport. “The thing is, you
accumulate [when] delivering below your own expectations and then
frustration comes out at one point,” said Krack. “I said [on
Saturday], you take a football player that is taken off the pitch –
he doesn’t want to high five to the manager or he throws the jersey
or he throws the water bottles, we have seen that quite a lot. “And
to be honest, I always try to delay this as much as possible to
just try and get rid of the adrenaline. “But I’m sure we run maybe
10 to 20 times less adrenaline on the pit wall than the drivers do
but you put the microphone straight away in front of them or you
gauge every reaction that they do. “So I think emotions are what we
want from sportsmen. If they react we judge them quickly – is this
right? Is this wrong? I think we need to be careful with that. “We
want to see it because then we’ll have something to talk about.
When it goes one step too far, then people like to sit down on the
sofa or in an air conditioning room and say ‘this is too much’ or
‘you cannot do that’. “I think we need to have a bit more respect
for the drivers and high elite sportsmen I would say.”

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